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A Treason of Truths -- out now!


Yes I have been terrible about making these announcements on the blog. In case you missed it, A TREASON OF TRUTHS is out now! TREASON is a sequel to A CONSPIRACY OF WHISPERS, but is also designed to be read stand alone.

TREASON is the f/f romance story of Lyre and Sabine, Spymaster and Empress, and their attempts to hold together what they’ve created without falling apart. I originally pitched it as ‘queer girl ‘Die Hard’ on a floating city’ and I think it stayed true to that spirit. Hope you enjoy it!


COVER REVEAL: A Conspiracy of Whispers

COVER REVEAL: A Conspiracy of Whispers

FRIENDS. I am so excited today, because I get to share with you pretty cover art. My sci-fi romance debut novel, A Conspiracy of Whispers is being published by Carina Press under my romance pen name, Ada Harper. It's a enemies-to-lovers epic romance and a feminist war story full of action, alien wolves, murder cats, and, of course, conspiracies. And you can pre-order it right the heck now. Don't forget to check the end of the post to see how you can win your own signed copy!

On to the cover!