COVER REVEAL: A Conspiracy of Whispers

FRIENDS. I am so excited today, because I get to share with you pretty cover art. My sci-fi romance debut novel, A Conspiracy of Whispers, is being published by Carina Press under my romance pen name, Ada Harper. It's a enemies-to-lovers epic romance and a feminist war story full of action, alien wolves, murder cats, and, of course, conspiracies. And you can pre-order it right the heck now on Amazon, B&N and various other ebook retailers. Don't forget to check the end of the post to see how you can win your own signed copy!

On to the cover!

0118_9781488030628_AConspiracy of Whispers.Web.jpg

A Conspiracy of Whispers features Olivia, a mercenary with a secret struggling to survive on the edges of a harsh society, and Galen, an honor-bound soldier who's all but abandoned his gentle soul in his duty to his noble family. I wrote A Conspiracy of Whispers to play with popular romance tropes and write the kind of romance I like to read. They're both incredibly competent, strong individuals, an equal match, and it was really important to me that the cover art reflected that. 

So I was absolutely thrilled when Melissa at Carina Press showed me art concepts and I zeroed in on one immediately. How pretty is that cover? I hoped for a cover that would match what this romance was: a battle couple, a match of equals, an adventure, and a bit of a feminist war story. There's enemies-to-lovers, alien wolves and murder cats, coups, slow burn romance, sex and power, and many leaps off tall buildings. Here's how Carina Press describes it:

Desires and loyalties clash when a sensual assassin and an intriguing enemy agent must fight together in this exciting debut by Ada Harper.

For Olivia Shaw, the danger of her assignments as a deadly Whisper agent is matched only by that of her hidden status: Liv is one of the caricae, extremely rare women capable of bearing children and therefore controlled by the Syndicate’s government. When her handler sends her into the Quillian Empire, her mission is complicated by stumbling upon a kidnapping in progress.

Liv is drawn deep into political upheaval when her hostage is revealed to be the infamous Red Wolf, Galen De Corvus, brother of the Quillian Empress. Worse yet, he is an altus, more sensitive than most to the pheromones of caricae. If he realizes what she is, he could expose her secret to either government and doom her to a life as breeding stock.

Quillian nobleman turned operative Galen never planned to involve himself with a citizen of the cold, cruel Syn, but Olivia entices him more than she should. As they work together to protect his royal sister from a violent coup, the passionate bond between them proves to be more than mere biology. And Liv must decide if that bond is worth dropping her guard for both an enemy and an altus.


A Conspiracy of Whispers is now available to pre-order! The book releases January 15th, and you can get sneak peeks and extras by signing up for my newsletter or following me on Twitter.



To celebrate, I'm giving away two signed author copies! Carina Press is a digital-first publisher so future print editions are not guaranteed--this is your chance to get one! For the chance to win one, simply share the cover reveal on social media and tag @adahwrites on Twitter or Ada Harper on Facebook

Winners will be randomly drawn and announced January 1st, 2018, with author copies in the mail as soon as I have them!