Character Sketch: Meeting Hell’s Librarian

In between working on my current novel, I’ve taken breaks by writing character sketches and scenes for other stories I want to explore one day. One of those is the idea of a librarian in the afterlife, charged with the care of all the creative works that never got written, painted, or otherwise created–the banished, unwritten works that never made it into the world.Read more.

Freelance Confidential: Now Available!

After hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, and tears, Freelance Confidential is live! Freelance Confidential is my first book and I’m very excited about all the interesting ground I got to cover in this book. Some of the highlights include:

Read more.

Wordsmithing & Smart People: What I Do at Rockable Press

In the most unexpected way, my career undertook a major change this month. For the past two years, I’ve managed two major web projects for Envato: GraphicRiver and FreelanceSwitch. As of last week, I no longer manage those sites. The bosses approached me in early February and offered me the opportunity for a job that allows me to more fully return to my interests in writing and media publications.… Read more.