Wordsmithing & Smart People: What I Do at Rockable Press

In the most unexpected way, my career undertook a major change this month. For the past two years, I’ve managed two major web projects for Envato: GraphicRiver and FreelanceSwitch. As of last week, I no longer manage those sites. The bosses approached me in early February and offered me the opportunity for a job that allows me to more fully return to my interests in writing and media publications.… Read more.

3 Lessons on Web Design from World of Warcraft

I came to the realization the other day that I’ve been dabbling in World of Warcraft, on and off, for five, going on six, years. After some basic math on my subscription time, I realized that included over a thousand dollars spent on subscriptions and expansions, at least 352 levels across a dozen or more characters, and more hours spent than I even want to consider.… Read more.

Web Working: Moving from Expert to Synthesizer


So, what do you do?

That’s pretty much the question that defines the average working American professional. The required answer should be brief and easy to grasp: “I’m a designer for BigBoxCompany.” “I’m a developer for ABC Corps.” Short, simple, easy to grasp.… Read more.