Who I am

A freelance writer that specializes in, assortedly, contemporary fantasy, myths and romance, feminist rants and geek culture.

What I do

I am a writer, with a number of fiction projects in the works. My short story, ERROR: KAPPA NOT FOUND is featured in Untethered: A Magical iPhone Anthology. I’m also a graduate of the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop. I also a contributing writer to a number of blogs and I’m happy to have my work on the InVision blog, Creative MarketTuts+, and Codeship.

I’ve also written two books, Freelance Confidential and Web Design Confidential, both published formerly by Rockable Press (now out of business) and available on Amazon. I’m currently working on a number fiction projects and represented by Caitlin McDonald of Donald Maass Literary Agency.

In my free time, you will probably find me nerding about video games (especially RPGs and visual novels), anime, board games, and pixel art cross-stitch.

Where to find me

I live with my husband, a ridiculous dog, and grumpy cat in Seattle, Washington. I am on Twitter as @ajhackwith. I’m also fairly active on tumblr, and communities like Metafilter and Quora.